Want to assess leaders rapidly and make well-informed people decisions with confidence?

Whether you’re hiring leaders or identifying potential, I’ll help you differentiate quickly between the good and the great.

Now more than ever it’s critical to put the right leaders in the right roles.

Using evidence-based assessments and wide-angle insights, I’ll pinpoint the leaders your organization needs to succeed.

My expert assessments will help your organization…

  • Create a robust selection process to assess talent

  • Hire the most qualified candidate for a role

  • Identify high potentials for future roles

  • Reduce bias and maximize fairness in people decisions

  • Identify strengths and opportunities to grow

Using a variety of methods and qualified analysis such as…

  • Interviews

  • 360 surveys

  • Personality inventories

  • Cognitive ability tests

  • Simulations

To maximize your organization’s ability to…

  • Make objective and fair people decisions, quickly

  • Increase the prediction of job success

  • Save time and internal resources

  • Have a clear profile of leadership capability

Ready to make leadership talent decisions with clarity and confidence?

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Jodi is a highly skilled assessor and coach, working at all levels of management. Her educational foundation in industrial and organizational psychology has been enriched and extended through her experience in a wide variety of businesses. Her reports are accurate and articulate, and her coaching is insightful and inspirational. She is particularly effective when the situation is complex.”
Nancy tippins, ph.d.
Principal, The Nancy T. Tippins Group
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