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Excelis provides leadership consulting and coaching that’s human, engaging—and most importantly, evidence-based.

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Founder and President Jodi Himelright, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Jodi. I love helping leaders achieve their greatest potential, and building workplaces where everyone thrives.

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20+ Years of experience
1,000+ leaders assessed
board & icf certified coach

Not every leader is the same.

That’s why when you need leaders who inspire and drive results in a changing world—you need uniquely-tailored, science-driven solutions to leadership assessment and development.

Want to assess leaders rapidly and make well-informed people decisions with confidence?

Whether you’re hiring leaders or identifying potential, I’ll help you differentiate quickly between the good and the great.

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Ready to break through and unlock your leadership potential?

I’ll help you break through what’s really getting in your way and empower you to take new steps toward becoming an even better leader.

Executive & leadership Coaching

Want to develop your leaders with training that’s interactive and truly effective at making learning stick?

My programs are where change begins—but the practical application and actionable takeaways mean that the impact on leaders won’t end there.

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